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Wedding Image of the Year 2023 | Round 1

Updated: Jan 23


1st Place: One hour anniversary session ($425 value)

2nd Place: 16x20 photo print of the couple's choice ($190 value)

3rd Place: $100 Print Credit to my print store

How can I win?

Share this with as many friends and family as you can. The more people you have be a part of this contest, the better your chances will be. Sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and emailing friends and family will greatly help.

I will be posting on my social media as well.

Couples who share those posts and invite their friends to go vote for them do the best!

Rules + what to expect

There will be 3 rounds.

Round 1 will be from 01/09/24 to 01/16/24 and will take place on this blog post. Only one vote per person for round 1.

After the first round, we will narrow the competition down to 10 images that will move on to round 2 based on the top votes.

Round 2 will be from 01/17/24 to 01/20/24 and will take place on Facebook.

After the 2nd round, we will narrow the competition down to 5 images that will move on to round 3 based on the top votes.

Round 3 will be from 01/21/24 to 01/23/24 and will take place on Instagram.

Prizes will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Good luck!

How do I vote for an image?

This will be updated on the blog for each round

Voting for round 1 is simple and takes place right here on this page

First, scroll down to the photograph that you want to vote for. Note the image number and the couple's name.

At the top and bottom of this page is a form to fill out (either form works, they are identical)

Fill out the form and select the image number that you would like to win.

Press submit and you’re all set!

Image Nominations

Image 1: Brianna + Jason

Image 2: Lisa + Missy

Image 3: Kate + Kyle

Image 4: Mikella + Joseph

Image 5: Dan + Rosie

Image 6: Brittany + Jake

Image 7: Freddy-May + Ty

Image 8: Chelbie + Kara

Image 9: Jeremiah + Yanira

Image 10: Adrien + Megan

Image 11: Eric + Gunawan

Image 12: Aden + Sabrina

Image 13: Brandi + Neal
Image 14: Brenna + Christina
Image 15: Brenden + Kylee
Image 16: Cassandra + Evan
Image 17: Cyndi + Jacob
Image 18: Chris + Daniell


Round 1 will end on 01/16/24.

Round 2 will end on 01/20/23.

Round 3 and the entire contest ends on 01/23/23.

Votes will reset after each round.

Any use of automation, fake accounts, bots, or 3rd party apps will immediately disqualify you.

All images chosen are nominated by Lily Guillen Photo. No exceptions.

If the couple or anyone who is represented in the photograph want the image removed from the competition, we will remove the entry immediately.

The winner announcements will be made on the Lily Guillen Photo Instagram at 4:45pm EST on 01/24/24.

Grand prize winner MUST schedule a session between 02/01/24 & 12/31/24 during normal business hours, or the prize will be forfeited.

The one hour anniversary session can be held in Tampa, FL or on select travel dates to Missouri or Illinois.

Must be 18 years or older to enter.

The winner is responsible for all transportation costs to and from the shoot location.

No prize may be transferred or substituted for its cash value.

The giveaway is not sponsored, endorse, administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook.

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