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Certified photographer of real emotion

If you're anything like me, you freeze up when you have to be in front of the camera. You don't know what to do with your hands and you end up smiling with your mouth but not your eyes (good grief).

I've been there. I've worked with photographers who live for stiff photos and don't really care about building a genuine connection with you to capture the REAL you. 

Capturing the essence of someone is a really hard thing to do. And perhaps no one is truly fully captured in a photograph. But I strive to. Through the process of inviting real emotion with you and your partner, you will get photos that show your genuine smile, a beautiful quiet moment between the two of you, or maybe even some happy tears.

I have been documenting weddings in a documentary way for over nine years. During this long journey, I have developed a process that will help capture the real you in the most real way possible. Say goodbye to awkward photos. I gotchu boo.

Brand photos by Liv Strange Photography


My top 5 favorite bands (currently):

1. U2

2. Wild Nothing

3. Depeche Mode

4. Coldplay

5. Part Time


I'm a bit of a hoarder so I have quite a few collections:

1. Stuffed Animals

2. CDs

3. Cassette Tapes

4. Cameras

5. Artwork


I have 7 tattoos (some recents are):

1. Oh Whale

2. Sexy Banana

3. Flying Eyeball

4. Umbrella + Rain

5. Happy Sunflower


I've been to 3 other countries besides the U.S.:

1. Mexico (I was born there)

2. Italy

3. Peru

more to come (hopefully soon!)

Think I'm cool enough to photograph you + your boo?

Our love story

Since we're on the topic of sharing love stories, I figured I would share mine as well. My partner is Kaeshav, the sweetest Indian man and a huge blessing to my life.

We met in August of 2019 in grad school through a mutual friend, and I don't think either of us were ready for the whirlwind romance that would take place a few months after. He moved to Columbia that same October for his new job.

He began travelling back and forth to Wichita (where I lived at the time) and one night we went out to dance with a few friends. Of course, he asked me to dance. I thought it was nice but never imagined anything would come of it.

A few months later we began talking more and hanging out. On February 15, 2020, we went on our first date to Grace Hill Winery (yes, less than month before everything went to hell). As they say, "the rest was history", but literally, we entered into a pandemic.

We ended up quarantining together and learned so much about each other. It wasn't easy spending 24/7 with a guy I had only known a few short months, but man, was it worth it. 

We are now gonna be moving to Florida together to continue our adventure together. We also recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary by getting some photos taken in our first home together; one that we are ready to leave behind. Thank you to the lovely Liv Strange, for this cozy photo of us <3


Do you get why I love stroytelling now?   


Let me tell yours, I can't hardly wait!

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