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4 Steps for Getting More Wedding Planning Done

Planning your wedding can seem very daunting at times, with the overload of tasks, vendors, and details that need to be decided and tended to. Fret not! I am a huge believer in getting yourself organized in order to be more productive, and I’ve shared a few of my favorite steps that I personally use whenever I have big projects coming up, or just on an everyday basis to ensure that I get the job done without feeling burnout, which is super important for a neurodivergent small business owner like me.

For the best experience with these steps, consider spacing the first three out over the span of three days. They can also be done in one sitting, but remember, if you feel overwhelmed don’t hesitate to take a break!

Step 1: Make a list!

List out EVERYTHING you can think of that has to do with your wedding, whether it be details, designs, vendors, diy tasks, etc. This will help us focus on one detail at a time to avoid feeling confused or overwhelmed.

Step 2: Number your priorities!

Rearrange and add a numbering system to everything on your list. Everything that is of higher importance or priority will be among the first numbers, and it will be exciting to see what’s the number one thing.

Step 3: Make a Wedding Google Calendar!

Making a separate calendar with tasks that you and your partner can look at will help keep yourselves organized. Go down the line on the list of priorities that you just came up with and give yourself and your partner each one task for every week day.

Step 4: Keep up the good work every single WEEK day!

Notice how I keep putting an emphasis on the week day part lol. Weekends will become very important for you and your partner to take a break from wedding planning, and go on a date night or spend some quality time in. Spacing out tasks and rewarding yourselves (i.e. weekend dates) can help improve productivity and reduce stress.

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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