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Be My Guest Weddings | Wedding Planner | Kansas City, Missouri

This week we are highlighting one of our preferred vendors for wedding planning, Be My Guest Weddings! Alexis Nibert is the owner, and she shared with us some details about her and her business and what to expect. Keep reading to learn about one of Kansas City's absolute BEST wedding planners!

What is the most unique thing about YOU?

"I'm a twin! My sister and I are complete opposites but being a twin is the best!"

Why should someone hire you?

"I treat every wedding as if it's my own (or my sister's)! I am the type of planner who just loves weddings and will execute anyone's dreams as they want, BUT I also challenge my couples. I challenge every couple to bring something to their wedding they've never seen and is only special for their relationship. Sometimes planning a wedding can be more about crossing items off a check-list so I like to bring the magic of the relationship back to the center of attention.

My promise to my couples.. I never plan the same wedding twice, because every relationship is special & sparkles in their own way!"

Fun fact about you?

"I love playing volleyball (love being a part of a team), am a HUGE adrenaline junky (jumped off a 100ft cliff in Jamaica) & will try any type of food at least once!"

Your favorite testimonial:

"Next to marrying my husband, Alexis was the second best decision I made for the wedding day. I ended up hiring Alexis a month before the wedding because I started stressing about all of the moving parts of our wedding day (Organizing the wedding party, ceremony flow, room flips, snack and dessert tables that needed to be restocked, paying and/or tipping vendors at various times in the night, tear down at the end of the night, etc.). Originally I thought I could handle all of it and/or ask a few family members to help, and I CANNOT imagine what it would have been like if I hadn't hired Alexis. She did SO MUCH and myself, my husband, our friends and family worried about nothing but having a good time the day-of. The amount of care and preparation she puts into your day makes you feel so secure and ready, everything she did was above and beyond any expectations. There was zero drama and absolutely no hiccups the day of my wedding, or if there was I had no idea because she took care of everything! Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your lives and this is one thing you should definitely build into your budget to make sure you can be fully present in each moment and worry-free!"

-Kaley Clark 7.16.2021

Anything else you'd like to add?

Wedding planning is stressful but I promise when you book the right vendors who get along & have so much fun together, your day will be amazing! Trust your vendors, always:) P.S. Lily & I get along great :)

Be My Guest Weddings offers a FREE WEDDING TOOLBOX to help you get started with your planning. Check it out here!

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