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Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

You’ve had the proposal, now it’s time to plan your engagement photos! These photos will be used everywhere from “save-the-dates,” to the walls of your home. Because of this, you want to make sure you feel comfortable and like yourself. If you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, wear exactly that! There are no “requirements” for these photos, so just wear what you want.

You want these photos to reflect you and your personality. Don’t wear something that you are not comfortable and confident in. Try to stay away from any busy patterns or neon colors, they can distract from the photo itself, since you want your love to be the focus. You and your partner do not have to match! You can just coordinate with colors that compliment each other.

Don’t forget the season. In fall and winter, you may need to add more layers, but layers can be fun and can be added to any outfit. See below for a few ideas on what you could possibly wear to your session!

T-Shirt and Jeans

Like I said, if you are a t-shirt and jeans type of person, stick to that! A casual outfit will never go out of style. You and your partner can both throw on your favorite pair of jeans and coordinate t-shirts. You can add jackets or sweaters to spice it up, and don’t forget your favorite necklace or earrings.

Classy, but casual!

To “class” it up but still be comfortable, you can choose any of these: slacks and a button up, a simple a-line dress with your favorite neckline, a pantsuit (I love a good power pantsuit moment), or a skirt with a coordinating shirt. Add some jewelry, or layers if it’s cold, and you’ll be all set!

Bougie AF

If you’re the type of person to go all out for the events of your life, definitely go all out for these photos! You can find a gown that fits all your needs or a suit that fits perfectly to your personality. There are endless opportunities to be bougie af for these photos!

These photos should be a fun time celebrating and creating forever memories of such an important moment of your relationship. They are not worth stressing over, since you want to enjoy this moment. That’s why I stress for you to wear what makes you comfortable. You and your partner want to look back at these photos and love everything about them, and you’ll always love a comfortable outfit that made you feel confident!

Are you taking engagement photos soon? Let us know what you plan on wearing in the comments!

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