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How to plan the perfect Mexican Quinceañera

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

There comes a time in every young Latina’s life when you must engage in a decades old rite of passage, the Quinceañera.

Contemporary Quinceañera parties aren’t just a celebration for the whole family to enjoy but can also be a great source of solidarity among hispanic women. It brings us together and reminds us that although we must grow up in this scary world, we can find great solace from our family members, friends, and faith.

Which is why here’s a list of 10 MUSTS to planning the perfect Mexican Quince:


1. Everything must have bordado.

Bordado (Embroidery) is often used as a strong representation of our Latinx roots due to its deep connection to the indigenous culture within Latin America. It’s like wearing a little piece of home.


2. Can’t miss La Misa.

A large percentage of the Mexican population identifies as Catholic so, of course, mass is an important part of a Quinceañera. For those that are Catholic, the mass is a great way to express gratitude for making it this far in life.


3. Flowers for the Virgen of Guadalupe

Ramo de flores tradicional: These are offered to the Virgen of Guadalupe for guidance.

This particular Quinceañera, Gianna, even went so far as to sing the famous song, “Señora, Señora” by Denise de Kalafe, to her! (It was angelic)


4. Ponte para la foto!

As with any special occasion, a photographer is hired to take numerous pictures of the Quinceañera with family, friends, and even the priest.

The laughable part about these pictures is that sometimes it involves making the Quinceañera pose in an awkward and even ridiculous way (seriously, both Lily and I have some really embarrassing pictures of us looking in mirrors and off into the distance. Like...why? Lol)

Pictured below is Lily in her prime.


5. La presentación:

Coronacíon: Crowns are associated with royalty, so the crowning of the Quinceañera symbolizes the young woman’s acknowledgement to be kind, honest, and sincere just like any true princess should be.

Cambio de zapatos (shoe change from flat shoes to heels): signals the transition from childhood to womanhood.


6. First dance con máma y pápa

This is a very bitter sweet but beautiful part of a Quinceañera. Grab your tissues for this one!


7. Food, snacks, and candy, OH MY!


8. A live band for dancing, dancing, and more dancing

Don't forget el Caballo Dorado!


9. Cortar el Pastel

This custom is not just practiced at Quinceañera’s but is one of the funnest parts of a Mexican party. Also, YUM!

Luckily, most quinceañeras are able to get away with the traditional cake face smash that is expected at most Mexican birthday parties.


10. La piñata

Not all Quinceañera’s have a piñata but you can bet your sweet (pun intended) bum that when there is one, everyone is jumping in, not just the kids.

Photos from Gianna Larin's XV


Wichita | Viola, KS

Videography: Lily Guillen Photo


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