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Elegant New Year Wedding | The Atrium | Columbia, Missouri

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Max and Sarah’s wedding story is truly a unique one that really showcases the love in “sickness” even before they both said “I do.” They were originally scheduled to have a new year's day wedding, but Covid-19 had other plans.

They tested positive for Covid the night before their wedding, so they had to postpone. That didn’t stop them from getting married though, they still tied the knot that same day with a zoom ceremony!

On February 5th, they were finally able to celebrate with their loved ones at the Atrium on Tenth in Columbia, Missouri.

Max and Sarah met in high school during a church camp in Colorado. They were on a gondola, and from the moment they first spoke, Sarah knew that Max was rare (I’m not crying, you’re crying).

One of the things that they absolutely love to do as a couple is to go to Kansas City for day trips. This is a tradition that they have been following since they were in high school, and they hope to live in the city one day.

Sarah mentioned that Max reminds her of Ron Weasley, Jim Halpert, and Samwise Gamgee. She mentioned these fictional characters because “Max is the most loyal and steady person [she has] ever known. He is goofy in the best ways, and so steadfast to the people that he loves.”

Max mentioned that Sarah reminds him of Belle from the Beauty and the Beast because she is very “kind, caring, and patient.”

Despite the original day not ending up the way the couple originally envisioned it, they definitely made the best of it. Sarah said, “The whole time during wedding planning, we kept reminding each other that marriage and our covenant promise that we were making to each other was the main focus of the whole day; and on our day it was. We were also so excited to celebrate it with our friends and family since we hadn’t gotten to do that yet.”

Max was on the same page, of course, and said something very similar, “The most important thing for our wedding day was that we got married even though it wasn’t how we imagined it.” Max also mentioned that he was super excited to work with CoMo Classic Pastry for their cake.

See below for all the amazing vendors that helped bring this beautiful day to life. Are you working with any of them? Let us know in the comments!

Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony Music: Leme Ensemble

Coordinator: Delight Events

Florist: Bare Roots LLC

Hair: MK Lush

Photography: Lily Guillen Photo

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