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The Tiger Hotel | Columbia, Missouri

Updated: Feb 15

Built in 1928, The Tiger Hotel is not only known for being the first luxurious hotel in Columbia, Missouri, but the “TIGER” sign on the roof of the hotel is also one of Columbia’s most significant landmarks. Although the building has a rich history, the inside has been remodeled to rival other contemporary luxury hotels. This venue even boasts an eco-friendly service by using glass over paper cups in rooms, using eco-friendly products to clean and wash linens, and even buying locally sourced food when possible, among other things.

Both majestic and dramatic, The Tiger Hotel could give any wedding the perfect vintage feel with a modern twist. Its fashionable bold colors will have you and your guests traveling back in time, not to mention providing countless opportunities for themed selfies and pictures.

If that isn’t enough to catch your interest, consider the convenience of having your wedding at a hotel. Not only are guests able to drink without the worry of driving home, since suites are available for booking, but this could also be the perfect opportunity for a destination wedding.

If you’re thinking of going with a darker aesthetic, this venue could be perfect for an American Horror Story (season 5 of course) themed wedding. In fact, this venue is even a great location to consider if you are thinking of having a speakeasy themed wedding. So many possibilities!

If you’re interested, The Historic Grand Ballroom is available for rental and can seat up to 200 guests comfortably. Catering is handled in-house and menus can be personalized to your needs.

For questions regarding pricing or other inquiries please fill out the Private Event Contact Form in The Tiger Hotel website or you can call the hotel at (573) 875-8888.

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