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5 Tips for Planning a Destination Elopement

There are SO many reasons out there why people decide to elope. Sometimes people are more on the private side and want something super intimate to share with their partner. Sometimes couples love to travel together and want to make their next adventure a super meaningful one. Or maybe because they simply just want to and it feels right for them. Whatever your reason may be for considering an elopement, here are a few tips to consider while you’re planning!

Choose a Destination with Meaning

Maybe it’s somewhere you’ve visited with your boo before, or maybe it’s a place you’ve always wanted to experience. Whatever the case may be, the location of where you get married can add another level of special meaning to your day.

Decide if You Want to Tell People or Surprise Them

The biggest thing to remember when planning your wedding is that you should always do what feels best for you. You don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to your relationship. The whole idea of eloping came from people getting married in secret! The people who love and care about you will support you no matter what.

Get Married + Honeymoon at the Same Time

Hey, you’re already going to be at a fantastic location with your boo! You can go straight into the honeymoon. Make dinner plans, have a date night and connect intimately with the person that makes your heart feel so happy.

List Out What Vendors You Still Want to Hire

Doesn’t matter if you’ll be eloping at a courthouse or on the strip in Vegas, you can still have beautiful details and decor for your day if you wish. After all, it is your wedding day! You can still have that designer dress, flowers, beautiful photography, or even that drag queen officiant you always wanted.

Hire Locally

There are many vendors out there that are up for traveling, but there’s nothing like hiring a local vendor who really knows their shiz. Plus, local vendors tend to know more about the regulations of certain locations, the do’s and don’ts, and etiquette for having a wedding somewhere that you are not familiar with. And of course, why not let the money benefit the economy of where you’re going?

Are you planning a destination elopement? If so, where are you planning on going? Let us know in the comments!

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