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Downtown Seattle Couple’s Session | Seattle, Washington

Updated: Jan 11

Introducing Cliff and Stephanie, the lovely couple Lily photographed in Seattle last year! As hopeless romantics, we can’t help but love the story of these two. Their story begins in Phoenix, Arizona where the two met. It was here that they first crossed paths, drawn together by life's twists and turns. 

What makes Cliff and Stephanie’s story truly unique is the serendipitous circumstances that brought them together. Fate must have had a good sense of humor when on the same day they were both laid off from their jobs, Cliff decided to ask Stephanie out. Little did they know that this unfortunate event would mark the beginning of a beautiful love story! 

Their first date was spontaneous and memorable. They started the evening at a Vietnamese restaurant, then a meadery, and ended the night at a coworker's house for a party. After 12 hours of being together, Cliff knew that he needed to see Stephanie again. If Cliff were to describe their relationship in three words, it would be love, laughs, and trust - the foundation of any long-lasting relationship. 

Cliff and Stephanie share a love for ramen (I do too). They have a curated list of their top five favorite spots. A typical date night for the two would be rather laid-back, from late-night movies, to trying out a new restaurant in town, preferably somewhere they can take Maximus - their pup!

If their story couldn’t get any sweeter, Cliff revealed his early efforts to win over Maximus’ affections. Cliff was nervous that Maximus wouldn't want to befriend him, since he is originally Stephanie’s dog, so he would secretly take Maximus out for walks in hopes of gaining his trust. 

Cliff and Stephanie’s love story, captured in Seattle, shows that amazing things can come out of life's unexpected circumstances. Their journey together is a reminder that sometimes the best times in life come when we least expect them, bringing with them love, laughter, and hopefully a shared bowl of ramen. 

If you are a hopeless romantic like us, you can also read about Lisa and Missy’s love story, whose shoot was also located at a national landmark, the Liberty Memorial. 

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