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Liberty Memorial Engagement Session | Kansas City, Missouri

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Lisa and Missy’s engagement session was shot at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri in June of 2022. With overcast clouds and the KC skyline, this couple had the perfect scenery and romantic feel for the shoot and finished just before the rain came.

My favorite element of this shoot, other than Lisa and Missy’s obvious love, is that they chose a location special to them. They took their photos at Liberty Memorial which is where Missy proposed to Lisa. Two very special moments at one location!

When asked what aspect of the other person they couldn’t live without, Missy said their connection: a connection that you can certainly feel through these photos. With all the eye-contact and effortless smiles and laughs, the connection was unmissable. They just seem to fit perfectly together.

Lisa’s answer to that same question was Missy’s smile and heart. In the session you can see Missy’s smile, and it’s one that screams comfortability and love. Missy’s eyes are sparkling with true happiness. And while we can’t see Missy’s literal heart, you can truly feel the love coming through.

Their favorite thing to do as a couple is travel. They love seeing the world together and spending quality time together, while enjoying all that life has to offer.

Lisa and Missy are most looking forward to their first look, first kiss married, and being introduced as a newly married couple on their wedding day. These are the absolute sweetest and special moments to look forward to. All of those will be memories they hold onto for a lifetime.

The couple is getting married in April of 2023. The ceremony will be held at A Secret Garden in Independence, Missouri. The venue has a beautiful waterfall which will make for amazing photo opportunities and give the perfect whimsical feel. It will be the perfect spring garden wedding, which is exactly what they are going for.

Are you planning a spring wedding? Let us know what your theme is below!

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