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Engagement Session Location Ideas

I remember when I first got engaged and how excited I was to plan our engagement session. I wanted to remember that season of my life forever. It is such a happy season, and often so short, but it deserves to be celebrated. And what better way to celebrate than with your engagement session! An engagement session is the perfect way to celebrate and document this time. It can also help ease the nerves of being in front of the camera and get a practice run with your photographer before the big day. Of course, like anything, there is some planning involved: like where the heck will you take these pictures? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a list of great places to have your engagement session.

Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will be in your heart forever after your big day, but you could make it extra special by having two very special memories at one place.

Luxury Picnic

Okay, I am obsessed with this one! Luxury picnics are setup by the pros and highly styled with tables, florals, and all the decor. They are meant to make a one-of-a-kind experience. I already love picnics, but add luxury and your engagement session? AMAZING!

State/National Park

State or national parks are stunning locations with all the nature you could dream of. To find the closest State or National Park near you, you can visit or

Local bar or Coffee Shop

Imagine your engagement session while sipping on your favorite drink, whatever that may be. This location will give you laid back, intimate photos that might be perfect for you and your partner.


If you love theater, this could be perfect for you. I’ve never been to an amphitheater that didn’t have multiple picture perfect locations. From stone walls to beautiful landscaping you’ll have plenty of backdrops for your session!

Historic Landmarks

If you love history or even just the remarkable views of a historical landmark, this would be perfect for your engagement session. To find a historical landmark near you check out

Lavender or Flower Fields

First of all, I love lavender. Second, I love the smell. Third, I would obsess over your engagement session here. Lavender is beautiful on its own, but add you and your partner.. Even better!


This location you can never go wrong with. The city you met in or the city you currently live in, downtown engagement sessions are always a great choice!

Drive-in Movie Theatre

This location for your engagement session would be so romantic and intimate. It’s definitely not used a lot, but could be perfect for you if you love movies!


Okay, I know we have all seen greenhouse pictures somewhere, but I don’t think these will ever go out of style. I absolutely love a good greenhouse session and there are really endless photo opportunities.

Your engagement photos are something you're going to look back on for the rest of your life. You want to choose a location that works for you and your partner. It doesn’t have to be the traditional picture spot, or even any of the ones I listed above. As long as you love it and it has meaning, that’s what matters!

Are you planning your engagement session? Let us know where you plan to have it in the comments!

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