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Downtown Rooftop Engagement Session | St. Louis, Missouri

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Evan and Cass are an amazing couple whose engagement photos were shot in February 2022, on the roof of the Angad Arts Hotel and at the STL Grand Center Arts District, under a pleasant evening sun.

My favorite part of the shoot besides the romance between Noah and Cass was the pizza they decided to bring for the shoot, since it’s their comfort food, they wanted to use it as a prop for their session.

The couple met each other during high school, Cass said that Evan asked them for their number to begin their first conversation. The two of them spent lunch hours together after that. Evan mentioned that she was a part of making the yearbook, so she got to cover Cass' activities, which was a great chance for them to spend more time together. Getting to know each other better, helped them build a strong foundation that eventually has nurtured their romantic relationship.

Evan and Cass were in a long distance relationship for 4 years, making them cherish their time together even more now. Some of their favorite activities include trying new restaurants and apple picking, which has become an annual tradition for them. In my opinion, having a tradition together as a couple helps you look forward to that day where you can relive memories from the previous years and get excited every time you think about it.

When asked how they picture their partner in a fictional reality, Evan said, “we kind of imprinted on Wall-e and Eve, because of the scene where Wall-e is introducing themselves and they melt when Eve says their name back, and when they both get excited to show each other stuff from their worlds.”

Cass said that they considered their relationship dynamic to be that of Persephone, the “feared queen of the underworld” and Hades, “an introvert who [stays] in his realm all the time instead of being satan.” These characters are a reflection of the couples’ energy being balanced with Cass' introverted and calming charm, and Evan’s enthusiastic and vibrant personality.

The couple is getting married in October 2023. Evan looks forward to both of their personalities to shine bright amidst the details of the wedding. Cass looks forward to Evan’s happiness and the look in her eyes. I truly believe this because eyes convey more emotions than words can; it’s like when Al Pacino said in Scarface, “The Eyes. Chico. They never lie.”

What do you look most forward to on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments!

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