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Interracial Lesbian Elopement | Chicago, Illinois

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Adrien and Megan eloped on June 30th, 2022 in a beautiful, private ceremony in Chicago at Adolfo & Co’s studio. They had a gorgeous floral backdrop when they tied the knot. They gave personality to each and every photo on this day, truly celebrated their love, and did not forget to always be themselves. This elopement was so romantic and coordinated to the couple.

The couple met while in college at Rockhurst University, more specifically in a group, UNITY, that is for LGBTQ+ people. Megan was in the leadership of this group, and thought “you shouldn’t date a freshman”, but Adrien asked them out and the rest was history.

They have spent most of their time as a couple long distance or on competing schedules and haven’t always been able to spend the most time together. In marriage, they are excited to be able to live together and get all the time together that they can. It will be different than how they have spent the majority of their relationship, but something they both were looking forward to!

On the day of their elopement, the couple got ready together. I absolutely love this, I think it makes for the sweetest, most intimate moments. Getting ready for your “I dos” with your person, gives all of the excitement, and ALL the love.

For the ceremony, Megan wore a stunning white, one shoulder jumpsuit with gloves. Adrien wore a pale pink cocktail dress with floral embroidered sleeves. Their shoes and veils matched each others' dress: Megan had pale pink and Adrien had white.

They both looked absolutely stunning! Megan had said they were going for “power couple” and “bad bitch” vibes, I’d say they freaking nailed it! I mean look at them, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. They gave everything they wanted to give in these photos, especially the love you can see between the two.

Following their ceremony, Adrien and Megan had breakfast for lunch at Kanela Breakfast Club. They also did their portraits, which are amazing, at Navy Pier. They even went on one of the rides, which made for some of the most fun photos!

Even though they eloped in the most romantic way, the couple is planning to hold a wedding on their one year anniversary with their friends and family. How special is it to celebrate on their first anniversary? With how beautiful and romantic their elopement was, I cannot wait for their wedding!

Are you planning on eloping? Let us know in the comments if you plan to host a celebration with your friends and family after in the comments!

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