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Moody Maroon Wedding | Abe & Jake's Landing | Lawrence, Kansas

Updated: Feb 15

On the Saturday of an early October morning, Brooke and Marshall Greve readied themselves for a momentous occasion in their lives. The day started easy going enough, with the groomsmen playing a few games on the Nintendo 64. Atypical, yes, but also what better way to start one of the most important days of your life than with tons of laughter with family and friends?

The wedding venue was exceptional with its assorted shop fronts. Yes, you read that right, Abe and Jake’s Landing in Lawrence, Kansas, was chosen by this couple and we must say that it had a very unique feel.

It was definitely complemented by the spectacular pink and red intertwined flower arrangements that decorated not just the wooden hexagon wedding arch at the forefront of the venue, but also the centerpieces of each table during the reception. There was a very refreshing moody vibe about the place that honestly, was kind of romantic and perfect for the occasion.

Highlights of the ceremony centered on not just Brooke and Marshall’s promise to each other, but to their daughter as well. It was truly heartwarming.

Of course, we can’t leave out their furry friends who stepped up and assumed the role of ring “bearers” (lol “You’ll get that one the way home”). The ceremony was shortly followed by a lively celebration.

If you love the flower decorations shown above, then take the time to visit Owen’s flower shop, be sure to visit their website. I found a rose and sunflower bouquet that was seriously stunning. I didn’t even know that such a combination would look so good together!


Photography: Lily Guillen Photo

Videography: Festivaa Weddings

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