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Fall Woods Couple's Session | Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Updated: Feb 15

I want to start this post by acknowledging the fact that this is the second couple that I photograph with the same names Alex and Victoria! It’s so interesting knowing that I have served so many couples at this point that the names have been recycled lol.

I met Vicky back in middle school in Round Lake Beach, Illinois where we grew up. It was so much fun catching up with her and her boo, and seeing how incredibly happy they are together warmed my heart so much.

Alex + Vicky met at their job at a food distributor company. Alex trained Vicky when she started working there, and it was definitely love at first sight for Alex. Vicky mentioned that they also met at a party that Alex’s mom had hosted, but she wasn’t aware that it was his mom at the time.

Their first dates consisted of eating at a Cheddar’s and going to the planetarium. This is very fitting for them since some of their most favorite things to do together are finding new places to try food, and going on adventures to cool places.

Alex mentioned that Vicky reminds him of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, not only because of her beauty, but because of how strong and independent she is as a person. Vicky also stayed in the Disney realm and mentioned that Alex reminds her of Winnie the Pooh because of how kind hearted he is (my heart cannot take the adorableness).

It’s clear to see that these two have different personalities, but it creates a balance in their relationship. Alex is more comfortable with showing affection in front of others with Vicky, while she is a bit more reserved. They make each other laugh so hard that it’s contagious. I will always keep saying how grateful I am to serve adorable couples like them.

When was the last time you got some updated photos with your boo? Let us know in the comments!

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