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Romantic Church Wedding | Bliss Plaza | Greenwood, Missouri

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

“Journey's end [and begin] in lovers meeting.” - Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

In early October the Bliss Plaza, located in Greenwood, Missouri, was decorated with hints of red in celebration of the wedding taking place between Mr. Dayton and Mrs. Kallyn Shireman. A deep shade that not only symbolizes love and passion, but I suspect was also a nod towards Dayton’s job as a fireman.

The joyous occasion was celebrated not just by the close friends and family of the newlyweds, but even by their dearly departed who had the front two pews of the ceremony reserved just for them. Kallyn went a step further and included a photo of Dayton’s recently deceased father in her bouquet; this wasn’t the only or first romantic gesture exchanged by the two.

Before the ceremony, the couple exchanged love letters with Dayton’s eyes blindfolded. This was so his first glimpse of Kallyn, in all her bridal glow, could be with him faceing her at the end of the aisle.The contents of which will have to remain a mystery to us all but must have deeply moved the heavens ; the rain on that day, as noted by various guests, was a clear indication of a blessing for the union.

After the wedding ceremony, the Bliss Plaza was full with happy and smiling faces as photos were taken, speeches were made, and the traditional couple’s first dance took place.

A special shout out to the DJ, Jami of Electric Entertainment, who was the first woman DJ Lily ever encountered. Lily commented how amazing and fun she was. Jami was able to keep the people entertained and played a wide range of music that kept people on the dancefloor. Since the groom and groomsmen were all firefighters, she taught them the firefighter dance and, apparently, it was quite hilarious. You can find Jami at

Dayton + Kallyn


Greenwood, MO

Videography + Images on this blog post: Lily Guillen Photo

Hair: Carrie Hoelscher

Photography: Meredith Dubill

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