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Weston Red Barn Farm | Weston, Missouri

Updated: Feb 15

Established in 1990, the Weston Red Barn Farm is a family owned business that not only serves as a fantastic wedding venue with its mesmerizing countryside views and very own apple orchard, but it is also a great location for local family fun that includes tours, apple/pumpkin picking, and even a country store.

There are two barns within the Weston Red Barn Farm that are for the particular use of weddings, The Red Barn (correctly titled for the hints of red on the wood) and The Timber Barn (notably a more brown and grey wash color). Both barns would be a perfect choice for a rustic wedding and include an area for catering, bridal suites, and spaces for setting up bonfires.

While The Red Barn has hosted more weddings, being the “oldest” of the two, it continues to be a favorite due to its close proximity to the apple orchard on site. You could almost picture yourself escaping into the night for a little rendezvous with your new forever partner! This barn is available starting the beginning of April through early November and can seat approximately 200 guests. Pricing for rental starts at $2,900.

Of course, The Timber Barn is not without its allure if gorgeous scenic overlooks are your thing. Just imagine sneaking off for just a few minutes with your significant other to watch the sunset. If that doesn’t take your breath away, not sure what will!

This barn boasts 40 foot ceilings with matching chandeliers and can seat approximately 180 guests. Unlike The Red Barn, The Timber Barn is available for weddings year-round and pricing for rental starts at $4,000.

Is your interest piqued? Take a second to visit their website and look around. They have plenty of amazing pictures that will give you a better idea of what the grounds look like or, better yet, stop by and enjoy some of the year-round fun.

About the owners:

There once was a child that roamed, explored, and made wonderful memories at his uncle’s farm. This child grew to dream of owning a place very similar to his uncle’s, a place that was not only beautiful but that could spread the joy and wonder that he himself experienced as a child. This child was Steve Frey and after some time, he was able to make his dream come true by opening and running Weston Red Barn Farm with his beloved wife Cindy Frey, and their son.

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