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Moody Fall Wedding | Weston Red Barn Farm | Weston, Missouri

Updated: Feb 15

This September Morn definitely made us feel that way...

Taking place just days before the first day of fall, this wedding was able to draw out the best aspects of the fading summer season and the vibrant autumn colors. Deep shades of orange, green, and brown decorated the Weston Red Barn Farm in celebration of Emily and Nathan Sittig. The intimate wedding ceremony took place outdoors with what remained of the September heat, though a different kind of warmth could be sensed coming from the newlyweds.

For more than twenty years, Weston Red Barn Farm has been a classic location for hosting weddings in the Weston, Missouri area. Their breathtaking scenic views and private apple orchard are like something straight from a fairy tale. This beautiful setting definitely lent itself to make some magic happen.

A special shout out to the seemingly coordinated (but not?) fall witch aesthetic coming from the bridesmaids who looked truly gorgeous. Their suede outfits, complemented by dark lipstick, meshed very well with the deep rustic colors of the wedding.

Of note were also the cute elephant adornments surrounding the inside of the wedding venue, hinting at the endearing way Nathan proposed. We won’t keep you waiting, it was at the zoo in front of the elephants. How sweet!

Sometimes the universe has a way of aligning everything in just the right way. In this particular case, it was the rainbow decorating the sky after a slight rain; it was the elated and gentle look of Nathan after setting his eyes on Emily, and placing his hand lightly on her back as a delicate sign of affection; it was the poise and delicacy that Emily carried herself with in her silent happiness; and it was the sunset the blissful couple could be seen walking off into. It was anything and everything because there is nothing like two lovers joining and starting a new beginning.

From Lily:

"I don't think I have ever worked a wedding with a coordinator as genuine, cool, and organized as Alexis Nibert of Be My Guest Coordinating! If she made my life, as a vendor, that much easier, I can't imagine how easy she made it for our bride, Emily. As cliché as it sounds, Alexis truly went above and beyond. I even found a phone in the parking lot and passed it on to her so she could find the person who lost it, so I could focus on starting to capture the happenings while she took care of it. I cannot recommend her enough! ❤️"

List of vendors that made this beautiful wedding a possibility:

Catering: Q39

Dessert Table: Kate Smith Soiree

Photography: Cindy Yeh Photography

Videography + images in this blog: Lily Guillen Photo

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