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The Top 3 Best Wedding Planners in Kansas City, Missouri

Let the pros handle all the stressful parts of wedding planning so you can enjoy your engagement bliss to the max! These ladies will help you every step of the way while making you feel like they're your BFFs :D


Be My Guest Weddings

Alexis Nibert (she/her)

Lone Jack, MO

Serving Kansas City and surrounding areas

"I treat every wedding as if it's my own (or my sister's)! I am the type of planner who just loves weddings and will execute anyone's dreams as they want BUT I also challenge my couples. I challenge every couple to bring something to their wedding they've never seen and is only special for their relationship. Sometimes planning a wedding can be more about crossing items off a check-list so I like to bring the magic of the relationship back to the center of attention.

My promise to my couples.. I never plan the same wedding twice, because every relationship is special & sparkles in their own way!"


Bespoke Socials

Keilah Stallsmith (she/her)

Kansas City, MO

Serving all of Missouri

Left: Photo by Katie B Photography | Right: Photo by Suvada Kuburas Photography

"If you're not really into the traditional idea of a wedding, but still want to have an incredible day and make epic memories- I'm probably the wedding planner for you. I help couples wholeheartedly embrace the things that matter to them and release what doesn't to create a uniquely them celebration.

All of my weddings are intimate (75 people or less), in unique spaces with an offbeat format, and beautifully designed with an excellent team so you and yours can be present. It's not about the crowd or following a template. It's about creating a uniquely you celebration that honors what's most important in your life, community, and marriage. It's about quality time with your favorite people, looking great, and feeling great in an environment that supports your intentions.

I also love helping the underrepresented within the wedding industry (LGBTQ couples, interracial couples, nonreligious, older couples, vow renewals, etc) find themselves in celebration. Planning a wedding is already difficult and emotional- then add navigating an industry that isn't really set up for you! There's something beautiful about carving out new paths and letting these love stories shine. It makes our world more colorful and diverse. It treats the act of celebration as a beautiful affirmation of self-worth, of bringing what makes us awesome to the world and living authentically."

Photo by Suvada Kuburas Photography


Weddings by Sarah K

Sarah (she/her) + Kasey (she/her)

Kansas City, MO

Serving Kansas City and surrounding areas

"We have a team of vendors under us that offer our clients a special discount, so if anyone were to hire us as their planner or coordinator, they would save money if they hired our preferred vendors. We are very passionate about freeing up our client's time so they can focus on building the foundation for their marriage and their family! We give a very personal, thoughtful gift to every one of our clients, we want to make everyone feel special, because they are. My attention to detail, in my opinion is exceptional and I truly believe it's in all the little details that makes the design of the wedding successful. We love to work with every kind of couple, no matter the budget, and we respect and understand the "smaller" budgets."


Which wedding planner did you connect the most with? Let us know in the comments! :D

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