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Unique + Fun Date Idea for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day has always been my favorite holiday, even when I was single lol! It’s always made me very happy to see couples sharing flowers, chocolates, and sometimes more unique gifts. As an adult, the day after v-day has an even bigger special place in my heart, because that’s when I went on my first date with my boo, Kaeshav. <3

Every year, we have updated photos of us on our anniversary while also taking advantage of the yummy v-day specials at restaurants. If you’re looking for something extra unique for the upcoming v-day, then this blog post is for you!

This year for v-day, I hosted mini sessions for couples with a setup by the amazing luxury picnic company, CoMo Picnics. This vintage inspired setup was full of deep reds and whites. CoMo Picnics supplied yummy wine from our local winery, Les Bourgeois, and champagne to add to the celebration.

One of the couples that participated were Adrienne and Sam. Adrienne is a local artist and Sam is the owner of Cafe Berlin. They both dressed in their best vintage clothing, wore a lot of matching rings, and were not afraid to show their personalities in front of the camera. The happiness and love was so clear with their laughter.

The second couple that participated were Daphne and Marcus. Their daughter, Mercedez, actually works as a designer for CoMo Picnics, and wanted to gift the experience to her parents to show her gratitude towards them. Daphne and Marcus were decently surprised. This was a great way for them to celebrate many years of marriage, as well as get updated photos since they hadn’t had professional photos done since Mercedez was a baby!

The last couple that participated was Carma and Jim. They have been married for about a year now, and Jim wanted to take the opportunity to surprise Carma on the special occasion. He pulled out all the stops for her from champagne, to a catered meal, to yummy desserts, to little promises to continue keeping during the rest of their marriage. Carma’s laughter and positive essence was so contagious and nice to be around that it is no wonder that Jim is making sure to cultivate their beautiful love.

So what do you think of this idea? Will you be attempting something similar to this for the next v-day? Let us know in the comments!

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